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About Canada Goose

Luxury down jacket maker ” Canada Goose ” which has increased in popularity in recent years “,  celebrated its 60th anniversary last year.
The standard retail products are almost sold out at dealers.
We will introduce the reason why the extreme shortage continues, popular models, and the history of Canada Goose.

Why Is Canada Goose So Popular?

The Barrier between fashion and outdoor clothing has disappeared 

Due to the trend of outdoor and outdoor events, the barrier between fashion and outdoor clothing has disappeared.

Even in the city, you see people who enjoy shopping carrying large backpacks and coordinating well.

Due to such changes in the times, I think that it has become naturally accepted by fashion and has become easier to incorporate into everyday life.

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Shortage of supply driving popularity

it is possible that shortage is driving popularity.

Due to the limited supply of products from the Canada Goose headquarters, we cannot significantly increase the number of deliveries to dealers.
Even if we pay attention to increasing the import volume little by little every year and increasing the in-store digestibility, the demand is growing rapidly due to the increasing popularity all over the world, and each country is in a battle for competition.

History of Canada Goose

So how did Canada Goose become this popular?

About 60 years ago, in 1957, Canada Goose was born in the city of Toronto in north eastern Canada.

” Canada Goose ” is a brand created by ” Metro Sports “, which was founded in a prosperous area in the textile industry.

It is a company that has provided down clothing not only to Antarctic research scientists and adventurers but also to world champions of dog sledding and cinematography staff in cold regions.

The characteristics of Canada Goose down jackets are “slightly firm and durable fabric” and “high cold protection”. 

It looks and performs a lot different from the fashion downs of European brands that emphasize lightness and silhouette.

Even now, many outdoor brands are forced to reduce costs and move their production areas to Asia and other countries, and we are still focusing on “Made in Canada”.

The technology and high functionality cultivated in that history have led to trust along with the long history of the brand.

Made In Canada

Canada Goose continues to stick to ” Made in Canada ” even now when the sales scale has increased.

When a hit product is produced, many brands are expanding their production in Asia and Eastern Europe, but it reflects the clear intention to make it within their own eyes.

At the factory in Toronto, a lot of people do the sewing work silently, and 60 people will be involved until one down jacket is completed.
Including cooperating factories, it employs more than 10% of the people engaged in the garment industry in Canada.

” Canada Goose products are also worn by polar people, so if you put out a defective product, it can be fatal to them.”

At the down jacket factory, which was originally designed to be worn by Antarctic research scientists and adventurers, you can feel a strong commitment to product making.

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